Committed to providing tailored solutions that meet the needs of each project

Major Projects

  • Independent design review and construction Verification for pavements, earthworks, and general roadworks.
  • Proof engineering, including pavements & material re-use/disposal assessment.
  • Development of functional and operational requirements, reference pavement designs, and detailed design documentation.
  • Tender evaluation, contract scoping, and management of planning and design delivery.
  • Expert construction advice, support, and problem-solving for high risk & value issues.
  • Identification and implementation of cost-saving, innovative, sustainability, or environmental benefits.

Pavement Engineering + Design

  • Comprehensive geotechnical and pavement investigations.
  • Design services for flexible, stabilised, and rigid pavements, including mix design for each.
  • Specialised designs for industrial, port, and aerodrome pavements, as well as roadway pavements.
  • Falling weight deflectometer and deflectograph testing and analysis for pavement rehabilitation.
  • Expertise in asphalt technology, granular pavement technology, and sprayed seal designs.
  • For Rigid Pavement Design – provision of jointing plans/details for simple and complex rigid pavement design.

Construction Management / Verification

  • Acting as superintendent representative and providing expert construction advice.
  • Ensuring quality assurance and effective contract/project management.
  • Level 1 supervision and certification, forensic investigation, and expert witness services.
  • Review and preparation of cost estimates, scope of works, procurement development, and dilapidation surveys.
  • Assessment of construction staging, methodology, and provision of qualified WH&S site supervision.

Pavement + Geotechnical Investigation

  • Detailed pavement and geotechnical investigations for comprehensive roadworks planning.

Waste/Re-Use Assessment

  • Conducting solid waste classifications, re use plans, risk management plans, and recycled product plans.
    Human health risk assessments and obtaining necessary EPA approvals.
  • Integrating pavement designs & material re-use assessments for environmental and cost efficiency.
  • Site investigations for changing land use scenarios.

Environmental Services

  • Creation of construction environmental management plans.
  • Assessments for asbestos and PFAS contamination.
  • Monitoring services for groundwater and air quality.
  • Developing environmental management plans and environmental due diligence auditing.

Technical Development + Training

  • Development of industry-specific specifications and focus on sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.
  • Providing training and technical workshops for continuous learning and expert technical support.

Asset Management

  • Condition testing and analysis, including surveys – visual and automated.
  • Deflection testing and analysis with remnant life analyses and optioneering.
  • Multi-criteria analysis for informed road management strategies, renewal/maintenance treatments.
  • Reviewing the accuracy of advance testing devices and developing treatment selection algorithms/rule bases.