A journey of growth, expertise, and dedication to engineering excellence.

A decade of engineering excellence

For nearly a decade, Pavement Asset Services have provided market leading expertise in the engineering sector. Specialising in pavements, roadworks, waste/re-use assessments, and a broad spectrum of environmental services, we’ve committed ourselves to providing high-value services that exceed expectations.

Our journey began as a dedicated pavement engineering consultancy, and today, we’re recognised across the industry for our comprehensive services and unwavering quality.

PAS isn’t just about the big projects; we’re a daily resource for state and local governments, as well as private industry leaders, providing crucial support in a variety of capacities. Our core business may be in South Australia, where we’ve played a role in every major project over the last decade, but our expertise and services have benefitted organisations in Victoria, Western Australia, and Queensland.

Our team of dedicated professionals has vast experience in all aspects of pavement engineering and road construction, from planning and design to construction and asset management. This breadth of knowledge allows us to offer well-rounded advice that balances performance objectives with sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

At PAS, our core business revolves around engineering and design, construction management, verification, pavement and geotechnical investigation, and more. We’re not just engineers; we’re innovators and educators, providing technical development, training, and asset management services to empower our clients and the industry at large.

Our mission is to maximise value for our clients, managing pavements, roads, and materials with an eye always towards re-use and sustainability. We believe in understanding our clients’ needs, delivering value-driven, reliable services, and always prioritising sustainable design.

PAS is more than just a service provider; we’re a partner in progress, dedicated to the advancement of our industry and the communities we serve. Join us in paving the way to a more connected, sustainable future.