Zeinab Naimi

Zeinab Naimi, a Senior Engineer at Pavement Asset Services Pty Ltd, has cultivated a robust seven-year career in civil engineering with the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT). Her journey from an asset management, pavement engineering and major project delivery graduate engineer to a skilled asset engineer has given her a deep understanding of the pavement design process, asset management, and project delivery.

With a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Architectural (First Class Honors) from The University of Adelaide, Zeinab has honed her expertise in various aspects of transport projects, from early planning to detailed design and handover stages. Her recent role in DIT as a Senior Asset Engineer involved asset planning, management, and maintenance within Regional South and Metro areas, where she excelled in project initiation, scoping, management, stakeholder engagement, and initiating asset improvement projects.

At Pavement Asset Services, Zeinab continues to deepen her passion for technical aspects of pavement engineering from site investigation, analysis, and design to construction verification and asphalt and pavement materials engineering and specifications. Zeinab has successfully delivered numerous pavement design and construction quality assessment projects for a wide range of clients including DIT, local councils, and private developers. As part of her Consulting role to DIT, she been actively managing DIT’s asphalt registration scheme, with a specific focus on developing an enhanced registration scheme and improving specifications to promote innovation and sustainability.

Her diverse experiences as a Site Engineer for the Darlington Upgrade Project, an Asset Engineer in DIT’s Regional South, and currently as a Senior Pavement Engineer showcase her proficiency in various aspects of civil and road projects from planning, investigation and design, to delivery, asset management, and stakeholder collaboration. Her ability to navigate road design and traffic-related queries, represent DIT in reviews, and manage public and customer complaints further solidify her role as a key asset to any project.

Zeinab’s commitment to expanding her pavement engineering knowledge and providing top-tier engineering services to clients reflects the core values of innovation and excellence that Pavement Asset Services upholds. Her multifaceted experience and dedication make her an invaluable part of the team, driving projects towards success with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of client needs.