Sam Kupke

Samuel Kupke, a Senior Engineer at Pavement Asset Services Pty Ltd, brings a decade of construction industry experience, with a focus on delivering airfield civil infrastructure projects for the Department of Defence across Australia. With a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Structural from the University of Adelaide and a Certificate IV in Frontline Management, Samuel’s experiences have provided him with a robust foundation in civil infrastructure construction and a keen aptitude for evaluating quality.

Throughout his career, Samuel has demonstrated his expertise in various facets of the industry, from the delivery of technically demanding projects for the Department of Defence to Quality Management of asphalt pavements on significant projects like the Northern Connector. His experience extends to working with local government councils in the delivery of various pavement construction projects and field inspections of rural road re-sealing works, showcasing his versatility and commitment to quality across diverse environments.

At Pavement Asset Services, Samuel applies his extensive knowledge of construction delivery practices, principles, and materials, including the production logistics and compliance testing of granular, bituminous flexible, and rigid concrete pavements. His involvement in reviewing designs and specifications for technically involved pavements, including aircraft pavements, and working on mix designs for asphalt and concrete, highlights his technical proficiency and commitment to excellence.

Samuel’s dedication to the industry is evident in his hands-on approach to Health Safety Environment and Quality (HSEQ) management, project and subcontractor management, and stakeholder liaison, ensuring that projects are not only completed to the highest standards but also align with client and environmental needs. His demonstrated capability in managing and delivering complex civil infrastructure projects makes him a valuable asset to the Pavement Asset Services team and the wider engineering community.