Peter Hicks

Peter Hicks, as the Principal Environmental Engineer at Pavement Asset Services Pty Ltd, brings over two decades of profound experience in environmental consulting to the forefront of the industry. With an educational foundation in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, complemented by certifications as an Environmental Practitioner and Site Contamination Specialist, Peter’s expertise is both deep and diverse.

Peter’s professional journey is marked by a wide array of environmental site investigations, remediation projects, and contributions to major infrastructure projects, as well as residential, industrial, and commercial developments. His ability to devise and implement remediation action plans, environmental management plans, and monitoring programs showcases his comprehensive approach to environmental sustainability and management. His proficiency extends to conducting environmental site audits and offering consultancy on various environmental concerns.

Having worked across all mainland Australian states and two Canadian provinces, Peter’s understanding of various regulatory environments is extensive. His recent endeavors in developing an integrated quality environment and safety management system further demonstrate his commitment to not just compliance, but excellence and innovation in environmental management.

Peter’s relevance to the field is underlined by his hands-on experience in managing waste/re-use assessments of materials from roadway sections for local government clients, and his involvement in significant projects like the South Road Superway and the Westgate Tunnel Project. His expertise spans beyond assessments, encompassing remedial planning & implementation, environmental auditing, impact assessments, and more.

In his role at Pavement Asset Services, Peter’s focus on safety hazard identification, risk review, and his adeptness in project management ensure that projects not only meet but exceed environmental standards and client expectations. His skill in data interpretation, report writing, and regulatory liaison, combined with his strategic approach to environmental management plans and auditing, position him as a key figure in driving sustainable and innovative solutions in the industry.