Megan Paulson

Megan Paulson serves as the Business and Project Officer at Pavement Asset Services, where her role is pivotal in ensuring smooth operations and successful project outcomes. With a background in business administration and project management, Megan brings a strategic and organized approach to the team. She has gained valuable experience in various sectors including human resources, financial services and IT, providing her with a broad understanding of business processes and client needs.

In her role at Pavement Asset Services, Megan is the linchpin that connects different facets of the company, overseeing project scheduling, resource allocation, and client communications. Her expertise in coordinating cross-functional teams ensures that projects are delivered on time and within budget, meeting the high standards Pavement Asset Services is known for. Megan’s keen eye for detail and her proactive approach to problem-solving make her a trusted and reliable figure within the organization.

Megan is committed to fostering a collaborative environment where communication is clear, and objectives are achieved efficiently. Her dedication to continuous improvement and her ability to adapt to the evolving needs of the business contribute significantly to the ongoing success and growth of Pavement Asset Services.