Marc Zalunardo

Marc Zalunardo, the Director and Principal Consultant at Pavement Asset Services, has extensive experience in roads and transport, with a rich background in civil engineering and pavement technology. Educated at the University of South Australia and further specialized with a Graduate Certificate in Pavement Technology, Marc’s expertise is not just academic but deeply rooted in practical, hands-on experience.

For over a decade, Marc has been at the forefront of practical and sustainable solutions in pavement design, construction, and maintenance. His comprehensive understanding of granular pavements, asphalt pavements, thin-bituminous surfacings, and stabilized pavements has made him a trusted advisor and leader in numerous significant road design and construction programs for road management authorities, including the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) and various local governments.

Marc’s ability to navigate and manage complex projects under a variety of contract models is notable. Whether it’s Early Contractor Involvement, Project Development Contracts, Design and Construct Contracts, or Construction only, his proficiency in design review, management, estimating, and value engineering ensures that every project is not just completed but excelled at. His hands-on experience extends to field and laboratory investigation, testing, and assessment of pavements and subgrades, underpinning his expertise in analysis, design, specification, and construction of road works.

His career is marked by significant contributions to pavement construction and maintenance projects for authorities like DIT, Local Government, Defence, and VicRoads, where he has served in various capacities including Site Engineer, Project Engineer, Project Manager, and Construction Manager. His practical decision-making skills ensure that each project is technically sound, economically feasible, and environmentally sustainable.

At Pavement Asset Services, Marc’s leadership and vision drive the team towards excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. His commitment to understanding client needs and delivering value-driven solutions is what sets him apart as a leader in the industry. Marc’s journey and achievements reflect the core values and mission of PAS, as he continues to pave the way for a more connected and sustainable future.