Jason Leach

Jason Leach, Principal Consultant at Pavement Asset Services, brings over 25 years of experience in the fields of geotechnical and pavement engineering. With a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering (Honors) from the University of Adelaide, and member of the IEAust, Jason has developed an diversified career marked by meaningful contributions to various sectors including civil, mining, defence, transport, state and local governments.

Jason has a broad spectrum of geotechnical and pavement engineering knowledge, providing input and guidance for projects from concept design, through construction into post-construction. Such knowledge includes earthworks and in situ and laboratory testing of pavements, soils, and rock, foundation modelling, and engineering design and forensic assessment of footings, retaining walls, and light and heavy-duty pavements.

His thorough and considered approach has been instrumental in the successful planning, execution and delivery of geotechnical and pavement investigations, design, and advice.

In recent years, Jason has focused on the technical aspects of pavement engineering and construction, investing further into investigation, analysis, design, and performance issues for a wide array of civil, commercial, and industrial road and hardstand projects. His involvement in major road projects and design reviews showcases his ability to provide expert advice and problem solving throughout the project lifecycle, from planning to construction.

At Pavement Asset Services, Jason Leach sets an example for technical excellence and seasoned guidance, encouraging the team towards technical development, innovative and robust solutions in geotechnical and pavement engineering, to ensure that each project not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of quality.